How to write a good research paper?

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A research paper is the result of your training throughout the year in an educational institution. This is done so that the student learns to write scientific work, systematize knowledge, learn to conduct research, and draw independent conclusions.

Topics issue issue at the department. Sometimes you can choose a topic or suggest your own. For the most part it depends on who your supervisor is. Loyal allow the student to take independent steps.

For writing, it is better to use an example of a reserach paper or a scheme for writing it. Let’s try to figure out in detail how to write a good research paper.

How to write a good research paper

There is a certain system in accordance with which your work should be built. You can not deviate and skip points too. In your research paper will be the following items: title page, content, introduction, main part, practical, conclusions, list of references and applications.

Stages of writing

Collect theoretical information. Library and the Internet are your best friends at this stage. You should study the information in detail and choose what will help you. On the Internet, make sure that the sources are reliable. Write down all the links at once, so it will be easier to work with the design of the list of references.

After collecting the information, write a plan. It is necessary that the presentation was logic, and it was easier to write. You should have 2-3 chapters and subparagraphs.

The paper consists of 20-30 pages. Distribute this place correctly. The introduction should take 2-3 pages, conclusions 3-4. The rest of the space should be reserved for the main part. The theoretical part and the practical should be approximately equal. It’s impossible to upload a work with pure theory — it will not get a good grade.

Introduction. Now prepare the introductory part. It indicates the relevance, the subject of research, methods, etc. This data is in the manual. Take it from the manager. You must tell in detail what you will talk about and how you investigated the question. It is important to clearly formulate the subject of study.

Main part. First set out a theory. Logically, gradually and divided into points, present the existing research regarding your topic. After the theory, based on it, analyze the practical data.

Findings. Conclusion is the result of your work. You had assignments to the paper. Show that you executed them. Than this work is useful.

List of used literature. Making a list of references usually takes a lot of time from students. Here each point should stand correctly. Check with the last training manual of your department and do everything according to it.